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ROGUE PLANET is a comprehensive music company established in 2014 as a concert promotion company to tour national and international musical artists. Since then,  we have diversified into various other areas of the music business in order to support new and established talent. 

• Record Label • Artist Management • Record Production •
• Concert Promotion • Music Industry Consultation •
• Publishing •



Meet the artists on our growing roster.


Record Production

ROGUE PLANET founder WES SMITH has a long history of producing records (since 1987) - from major label releases to indie label projects to demos. He has produced over 100 projects in different genres - including indie rock, hip hop, funk, jazz, heavy metal, trip hop, r&b, folk rock, alt blues and singer-songwriters. Having worked with artists from all corners of the globe - and being a very active current music listener/ fan - has helped Wes bring his international experience and his fine-tuned ear to assist many artists with their recording projects over the last 40+ years. Wes's key is to capture an artist's live energy whilst exploring creative ideas and contributions during the recording process.


Assisting Artists in Navigating The Music Industry

We offer default artist management to our roster until we can place them with larger firms. With 40+ years in the industry, we help guide artists with our knowledge and experience.


Assisting Artists and Labels to bring projects to life.

We can bring a project from inception to market release. Contact us for details.


Concert Promotion for National and International Tours.

Since 2014, ROGUE PLANET has been putting on concerts and festivals in the Vancouver Island area - working with well-known touring artists and placing local artists in support slots. Shows have included The Waterboys, Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang), Sloan,

Bif Naked, Blackalicious, Nashville Pussy, Fake Shark, Winterseep, Art Bergmann, Papagroove, Kenny vs. Spenny, Electric Six, Nomadic Massive, Crystal Shawanda, Supersuckers, Shed Kelly,

Platinum Blonde, Trooper, Chilliwack, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, Rykka, Bend Sinister, The Kings, The Spoons, Brasstronaut, Sam Weber, Jesse Roper, and hundreds more... 


NOTE: Due to the current climate/ instability in the live music market , we have temporarily suspended our concert promotion unit until such time as it is practical for both touring artists and promoters to successfully put on show. 


PLEASE refer to our FACEBOOK PAGE for all upcoming concerts, news,  and events:

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